Fire risk assessment information

Your fire safety responsibilities

All tenants and leaseholders have a legal responsibility to take reasonable fire precautions. This is set out under the terms of your tenancy agreement/lease.

It is important to note that the FRA offers a snapshot of issues found at the time of the inspection taking place and will not take into account issues that may arise in between FRAs being carried out. Residents should report any concerns they have directly to us at

Your home should have a working internal smoke alarm. If for any reason your smoke alarm is not working, please call the Repairs Operation Centre on 0800 952 5555 or email  to arrange for one to be fitted.

Clear clutter, stay safe

We are urging tenants in council properties to keep communal areas clear of clutter for their own safety as well as fellow tenants.

Such clutter can cause a fire hazard and leaving it in communal areas means tenants are breaching their tenancy agreement. Clutter includes:

  • Plants
  • Laundry
  • Bikes
  • Rubbish
  • White goods and furniture
  • Security grills being attached to communal walls and doors and other alterations.

We have sent all our tenants a letter reminding them to keep all communal areas clear together with a warning that we will take enforcement action if things are left in corridors, landings and stairwells as they risk having them removed. Since 1 September 2020 the Council has operated a zero-tolerance approach. We are:

  • Ensuring that our communal areas are kept completely sterile, disposing of any items that we find in communal areas with no exceptions and with residents having no opportunity to challenge this after the point of disposal
  • Removing security grills and correct situations where alterations or additions have been made to communal areas
  • Highlighting why communal areas should be kept clear and the consequences if they aren’t
  • Offering assistance to residents to find alternative options to store their goods. If the Council have to store items that are removed, residents may be charged.

Tenants and leaseholders can also help by:

  • Testing the smoke alarm in your property regularly
  • Ensuring all fire doors are shut
  • Making sure you know where your nearest fire exit is
  • Preventing unauthorised people from entering the building
  • Not smoking in communal areas in the building; if you have to smoke in your home, always fully extinguish cigarettes and dispose of them carefully and safely
  • Reporting any crime or anti-social behaviour in or around the block to the Metropolitan Police or the council.

London Fire Brigade’s current safety advice 

If you are a leaseholder, please check the terms of your lease as you will have a different responsibility towards fire safety. If you are unsure, please email the leasehold service team at