Homes for People: Newham's Housing Delivery Strategy

In September 2020, the Council published its draft Housing Delivery Strategy, with the aim of setting out how we will deliver the new homes the Borough needs, and meet our residents’ broader housing needs. We then launched a public consultation from October 2020 to January 2021, to gather feedback from our residents and local stakeholders. We had the opportunity to discuss the strategy through public meetings with residents, voluntary and civic organisations, and professionals in the housing sector.

This final version of the Housing Delivery Strategy has been updated to respond to the comments we received during the consultation.. Some of the main ways in which the strategy has changed following the consultation are:

  • Prioritising the building, buying and securing of new homes within the strategy, as respondents told us that was the issue they felt most strongly about
  • Clearly stating what we mean when we say ‘affordable’, ‘genuinely affordable’, and ‘social’ housing
  • Providing more detail about the powers the Council has to deliver new homes and improve housing
  • Changing the tone to reduce the amount of technical jargon
  • Setting out where there will be opportunities for residents to tell us how well we are doing – not just setting internal targets for ourselves
  • Addressing points that we missed the first time around– such as setting out our support for Community Land Trusts

Read the full Homes for People: Newham's Housing Delivery Strategy (PDF)

Action plan (PDF)

Summary of consultation on Newham’s draft Housing Delivery Strategy (PDF)

Action Plan Update 2023 (PDF)