How to make a housing request

How to make a Housing Request

The ‘My Housing Request’ portal allows residents to create new housing request or view existing requests that may have been raised. Currently this service is only extended to tenants only.

As a tenant you are able to raise the following housing requests:

  • Permission for cat;
  • Permission for dog;
  • Permission for lodger;
  • Permission for joint or sole joint tenancy succession;
  • Request for a new key fob if it is damaged or just need an extra one;
  • Permission to add or remove a household member from your tenancy.

This guide will help you make a new housing request in a few simple steps.

Step 1: From the My Summary Page, click into ‘My Housing Requests’

Click Make a Request to choose what you want to request for

Step 2:  Click ‘Make a Request’ to view list of requests available

My housing requests summary

Step 3: Select what request you want to make from the list, then click Next

Contact us reason

Step 4: Fill in form for the request you selected in the previous step

You will need to fill in all mandatory fills in the form before you can submit the form. These are marked with a red asterisk (*).