What are Neighbourhood Champions?

The main role of a Neighbourhood Champion is to provide feedback on the communal cleaning, grounds maintenance, report communal issues and repairs and other services that take place around their homes and neighbourhoods. In addition they can make suggestions for improvements.

A neighbourhood could be a whole street or estate, block or just a small part of it - whatever they feel comfortable with. It is possible for two or more champions to work together to cover their neighbourhood.

What can Neighbourhood Champions do?

  • Take part in estate inspections
  • Report communal repairs
  • Report any issues of concern
  • Identify estate improvements
  • Share information and messages
  • Encourage people to take part
  • Provide feedback to help us improve our future services
  • Identify solutions to any problems that exist

What other things can they contribute to?

  • Help identify issues for working or PR&I groups.
  • Assist with identification of issues that can shape our Local Area Forums and setting of priorities for them
  • Contribute to how we plan our fun days
  • Be a sounding board for new ideas and initiatives

How will we support Neighbourhood Champions?

  • Online Resources
  • Resident Involvement support
  • Housing Liaison Officer support
  • Training
  • Networking opportunities and events

What are the main benefits of becoming a Neighbourhood Champion?

  • Influence services
  • Able to suggest improvements
  • Support and training
  • Chance to meet new people

What are the main requirements to do the role?

  • be a Newham Council tenant or leaseholder
  • be over 18 years old
  • have an interest in improving your local area
  • enjoy working and engaging with your neighbours
  • be willing to work in partnership with the council
  • have a few hours a month to spend on this role

How can I find out more?

Interested residents should contact getinvolved.housing@newham.gov.uk to find out when our next discovery session will be or set up a conversation with a member of the Resident Involvement Team.

To apply to become a Neighbourhood Champion you will need to complete an application form below and then attend an induction session before starting the role.

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