Plans for building more council homes in Newham

Delivering Affordable Homes in Newham

Lucel Tate House Building

Delivering new homes for our residents is a key priority for the Council, and we are prioritising social-rented properties because we believe this is the most important for our existing residents, given the huge size of the Council’s Housing Register (waiting list).

We are committed to delivering 1000 new homes at social rent levels, starting on site before March 2022.

We aim to deliver 50% of all the new homes built on Council-owned land as social-rented properties, and have established our ‘Affordable Homes for Newham’ programme to enable us to build homes ourselves, without relying on the private sector to deliver on our behalf. We have also repurposed our wholly-owned housing company, Populo Living, to deliver 50% of its new homes at London Affordable rent levels.

Our Affordable Homes for Newham programme is supported by grant from the GLA, and rents will be set at the London Affordable Rent level.

The programme is vital to ensure that housing:

  • is built out and delivered at our pace and supports the local economy
  • contributes to our wider placemaking ambitions for Newham, delivering sustainable communities;
  • helps address climate change and improve public health and safety
  • delivers value for money out of one of the Council’s biggest assets – its land - and create economies of scale and efficiencies in delivery.