Working through an agency

Working through an agency 

Thinking of becoming an agency worker? Find out all you need to know, including the first steps you must take and some of the advantages of this way of working. 

What do I do first?

Contact Matrix, our supplier of agency workers, on 0844 844 4451. They will explain the process and tell you what to do.

What will I have to provide when joining an agency? 

You will be expected to provide: 

  • Evidence of your identity 
  • Evidence of your right to work and live in the UK  
  • An up to date CV.  

For some jobs that involve working with children and vulnerable adults, you will need to have a valid Disclosure (criminal records check). 

What are the advantages of being an agency worker? 

  1. You have the freedom to work when you want to without feeling tied down to one job. 
  2. You can get inside knowledge of the company you work for. Very often when a 'permanent' job is advertised, an agency worker that has been covering it has an advantage because they have a good understanding of the job. 
  3. You can work for a number of organisations giving you the chance to try different types of work. This could make you more employable. 
  4. It helps you to realise your ideal work/life balance.