Managing your rented property

Ending a tenancy

Ending a tenancy can only be carried out by following a set procedure in law.

It is crucial that you follow the correct procedure otherwise it is highly likely that any attempt will be disregarded by the courts leaving you in the same position that you started in. 

Any attempt to remove tenants or their belongings without following the correct legal eviction process (called possession proceedings) can be considered as an attempted illegal eviction, the penalty of which can be a custodial (prison) sentence. 

It is therefore absolutely crucial that if you want to end a tenancy that you first seek proper legal advice on the exact steps that you need to take.

You should also note that you will not be allowed to use the section 21 notice to quit process if your property requires a property licence but does not have one (or a full application has not been made, including where payment has not been made).