Murals and Street Art

The Council’s Cultural Strategy, ‘Building Newham’s Creative Future 2022-2037’, supports access to cultural and creative opportunities for all Newham residents. The strategy presents a vision for supporting high quality public art across the borough with a commitment to support and curate a programme of public art, involving and showcasing local voices, local artists and in the future, internationally renowned talent.

Towards this objective, the Council seeks to promote high quality street art that enhances Newham’s neighbourhoods. The Council has produced an ‘Approach to Street Art’ document to explain the value of street art and how street art projects can align with objectives to build a fairer Newham. The document also clarifies the processes required to secure permission to install street art and outlines the various actions the Council is taking to facilitate new street art projects. The document can be downloaded using the link below:

Newham Council – Approach to Street Art (PDF)