Newham Council invites residents to the Beckton Parks Masterplan design consultation.


Newham Council invites residents to provide feedback on the designs for the Beckton Parks Masterplan at Beckton Globe Library on Saturday 11 March.

The workshop will cover detailed designs showing a range of proposed improvements for the parks; we are seeking feedback from the community on these designs before they are finalised.

The designs form part of a master plan that has been developed through an in-depth process of community co-design that was launched in December 2021. Since then over 1000 residents and more than 20 community organisations have been engaged.

In July 2022 the Community Vision for the Beckton Parks Masterplan was published and exhibited across the parks. This vision sets out 6 principles for the design of the masterplan along with a series of interviews, collated ideas and key considerations.

East Architecture began work on interpreting the content of the Community Vision into a series of initial design responses in September 2022. The design responses were presented to residents and stakeholders through a series of Co-Design workshops in November and December 2022 where participants worked alongside the team to explore and refine the drawings.

The forthcoming workshop will present the revised designs for the master plan and will take place on Saturday, 11 March, at the Beckton Globe Library Rotunda. The design team from East Architecture will be present between 10.30 am - 1:00 pm and 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm to discuss designs, answer questions and collect further feedback.

If you would like to join the introductory talks, please arrive ahead of one of the two scheduled sessions:

  • 11.00 am - 11.15 am: Morning Introduction and updates from the East Architecture Design team
  • 2.30 pm - 2.45 pm: Afternoon Introduction and updates from the East Architecture Design team

The display boards featuring the Masterplan drawings and designs will be presented in the Rotunda space until 18 March. Residents are encouraged to share their feedback.

Cllr James Asser, Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainable Transport said:

“The Beckton Parks Masterplan is a once in a generation opportunity to refresh and reimagine a network of local parks to create something that will work for local people and the wider borough for years to come.

“We have been determined to create something highly aspirational and ambitious for Beckton’s parks that presents a network of high quality greenspaces with improved biodiversity, that provides educational and learning opportunities, develops high quality sports, play and leisure provision and creates new services that are currently not available in Newham.

“Over the past year and a half we have worked closely with local residents and community organisations to understand what is most important to them, what new services are needed and to explore how this fantastic network of parks can support the growing community for many years to come. We look forward to hearing feedback on the designs.”

Providing feedback online:

If you are unable to attend the workshop please visit the Co-Create page: to learn more and to provide your feedback online from 13-26 March.

Published: 09 Mar 2023