Newham Council awarded £1.7million funding to kick start renovation on Hamara Ghar sheltered housing scheme

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Newham Council has been awarded £1.7m Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Wave 2 grant funding to enable retrofit work on Hamara Ghar; our flagship sheltered housing improvement/renovation scheme.

Retrofit work undertaken will include upgrade and decarbonisation of the heating and hot water system, and major improvement.

Councillor Shaban Mohammed, Cabinet Member for Housing said: “This project will be a great accomplishment for Newham and set a benchmark for all our retrofitting programmes on our existing housing stock. I am looking forward to how we bring new green innovations forward and setting standards on energy efficiency. Our aim is for this project to establish our internal delivery model for retrofit to achieve our ambitious local target of net-zero by 2045”.

The retrofit of Hamara Ghar is the flagship project for the entire Council’s climate change programme. It will highlight the Council’s commitment to deliver greener homes which have fossil fuel reliance, or that don’t meet modern energy efficiency standards for a sustainable future.

This programme is part of the first phase of the Council’s wider ambition to improve housing, market facilities and the surrounding area, to provide more opportunities, and expand the offer of Green Street to benefit the local community for generations to come.

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Published: 24 Mar 2023