New Rooftop Extensions to offer more Affordable Homes in Newham

St. Matthews Court, CGI
  • 28 new rooftop homes for genuinely affordable rent are planned to be built above existing council-owned buildings in Newham 
  • This new form of land supply, using the roof areas of existing buildings has the potential to deliver hundreds of new affordable homes in the borough during the next few years 
  • Existing buildings will also receive upgrades making them warmer and cheaper to heat as part of plans

Newham Council and its wholly-owned housing company Populo Living has submitted plans to deliver 28 affordable new homes on top of existing Council-owned buildings.

The properties, which would be built above sites on Folkestone Road and Vicarage Lane, available at London Affordable Rent, are the first phase in a rooftop programme to potentially deliver up to 300 genuinely affordable new homes.

Subject to an agreed local lettings plan, existing tenants would have first choice of the new homes, freeing up council properties for those on the housing waiting list.

The £12 million investment would also make existing homes warmer and cheaper to heat through upgrades including replacement windows, a new roof, improved insulation and other building improvements.

Councillor Shaban Mohammed, Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Modernisation, said: “There’s a huge demand for affordable housing in Newham and we’re doing everything we can to meet it, including purchasing properties and building new ones. We are also thinking outside of the box to provide as many homes as possible for local people.

“These developments will provide 28 new affordable rented homes, whilst modernising the existing homes, making them warmer, safer, and more energy efficient. We’ve consulted closely with residents on these plans and are also offering existing tenants first choice to move into the new homes, subject to agreed lettings criteria.”

Both schemes include improvements to outside areas for residents to enjoy, along with added security measures and surveillance.

Leaseholders will benefit from upgrade works at much reduced cost and will have the opportunity to be involved and provide input throughout the development process.
Newham Council and Populo Living have created create a design guide on good practice, using the airspace model for housing delivery.

Published: 15 Sep 2023