Yellow alert for hot weather in force for Newham

Warm weather - resident drinking water

• Residents encouraged to stay alert for people who may be more vulnerable and need help to stay safe

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued a yellow warning for hot weather until 6pm on Thursday 27 June.

  • This means that Newham will be alert to weather changes and will call its first Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) if temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius. SWEP is designed to target the most vulnerable individuals who are sleeping rough and is accessible to people who would otherwise be excluded from services. In anticipation of this, we are preparing to support our most vulnerable people affected by this heat. 
  • As local councils are asked to call SWEP rather than the Greater London Authority (GLA), Newham will activate this in conjunction with the other seven North East London Boroughs. 
  • Residents are reminded no open fires are permitted in Newham parks or public spaces.

Summer health social graphic

With temperatures due to rise to 28 degrees Celsius – we are working to ensure our most vulnerable residents have access to the support and advice they need to stay safe.

In terms of Newham’s street homeless population, there will be enhanced visits to known hotspots. However, when SWEP is activated, outreach teams will make extended visits, and will make water, fruit and sunscreen available to all.

Newham residents who have particular concerns about a rough sleeper should contact Streetlink by visiting the website here: Streetlink. In an emergency please dial 999. 

Residents are also urged to look out for neighbours, relatives and friends who may be more affected by higher temperatures (including night-time temperatures.)

People who are most vulnerable to heatwave conditions include:

  • Older people especially those over 75 and female
  • Those living alone or in care homes
  • People with serious long term illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease or Parkinson’s and some mental health conditions

For anyone who is vulnerable and at risk from the hot weather, there is advice on how to stay safe and get help if needed on this website NHS page on how to cope in hot weather.

Residents are also reminded of the dangers of fire during extended periods of hot weather.

BBQs should be especially monitored and for the best advice visit: BBQ Safety | London Fire Brigade (

Newham Council does not allow any BBQs or fires in its parks or open spaces.

For more information, advice and support, visit the Well Newham summer wellness page. 

Published: 24 Jun 2024