Three Knife Amnesty Bins installed in Newham to make streets safer

Three Knife Amnesty Bins

• Aims to remove knives from streets and reduce risk of knife-related incidents
• Provides an anonymous, non-judgemental and safe way to dispose of knives
• Forms part of a wider knife prevention programme

Three Knife Amnesty Bins have been installed by Newham Council, in partnership with a number of voluntary organisations. Bonny Downs Community Association, Rights and Equalities in Newham (REIN) and Royal Docks Learning and Activity Centre (RDLAC) will be hosting the bins at sites found to be accessible to all residents. They join the existing knife bin at The Salvation Army in Stratford.

The bins offer a legal way to dispose of knives and bladed items, including kitchen knives. The action is ultimately aimed at reducing knife crime and promoting safety and forms part of a wider knife crime prevention programme. The local authority is encouraging residents to use the bins by sharing the following messaging: wrap the blade securely and travel to your nearest knife bin; drop the wrapped knife into the bin and shut the lid and help to stop knife crime. 

Laura Eden, Corporate Director of Children and Young People, Newham Council, said: “I am pleased that there are a number of new safe and secure bins for residents to dispose of knives. Anyone can use them. The bins are completely anonymous and non-judgemental, and it is safer to dispose of a knife in these bins than general waste bins. 

“There are devastating consequences of carrying a knife. Doing so can be fatal. We hope this move helps reduce the number of families who are left shattered by knife crime. 

“We would like to thank the organisations that have agreed to provide a space for the bins. We appreciate their efforts. This is a clear example of how we work in partnership with voluntary organisations to ensure residents’ health and safety is made a priority.”

Aled Richards, Corporate Director of Environment and Sustainable Transport, Newham Council, said: “The knife bins will have many benefits across our borough, with the main one being ensuring Newham is as safe as possible. The bins are providing residents with a legal and secure way to dispose of knives, which can potentially save lives. I would encourage anyone who may benefit to turn to one of the new bins, following our simple guidance. Together we can make a difference.”

The installation of the three new bins, supported by privately owned highways contractor company, O’Hara Bros, took place in June 2024. The work will continue over the next four years before being reviewed again. The bins are all safely secured to the ground to prevent any risk of removal. They are also emptied regularly by Word 4 Weapons, which then delivers the knives to the Metropolitan Police’s property store. They are then lawfully disposed of. 

Sandra Campell, Chief Executive Officer, Word 4 Weapons, said: “Installing Word 4 Weapons’ knife amnesty disposal bins in communities and city areas could encourage individuals to surrender their knives and weapons. These bins can initiate conversations, about knife-related incidents and their impact on society.

“Residents, park staff and any members of the public can safely use these bins anonymously to discard of any knives, whether they are unwanted in the home or weapons in their possession which can cause harm. 

“Additionally, having such disposal bins in open spaces shows a commitment to promoting knife safety and awareness within neighbourhoods.”

The weapons surrender charity controls more than 20 knife bins in London. Almost 500 items have been removed from the existing bin in Stratford in just over one year.

In some cases, those who carry knives are the subject of exploitation. If you live in Newham and are concerned that your child or a child that you know is experiencing exploitation, professionals are available to help. Please report your concerns. You can find more information on Newham Council’s website here or call 020 3373 4600. If you are worried an adult is being harmed or exploited, you can raise an adult safeguarding concern form on Newham Council’s website here or call the 24 hour safeguarding helpline on 020 3373 0440. In an emergency situation, call 999.

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Published: 08 Jul 2024