Young people of Newham give the Council their ideas to tackle climate emergency

Young people put their views on the climate emergency, and what can be done to tackle it, to the Mayor of Newham

​​Over 100 young people put their views on the climate emergency, and what can be done to tackle it, to the Mayor of Newham at Full Council after energetic discussions at a Youth Assembly.

The event, which focussed on discussions around the climate emergency, was held at Stratford Town Hall and allowed young people aged from 10 to 25 the chance to discuss and deliver their thoughts on the subject to Full Council.

Young people presented their thoughts allowing them to impact the borough’s future plans to tackle the climate emergency.

Councillor Mas Patel, Commissioner for Air Quality and Climate Change, said: “It is very important for the council to begin these conversations with young people in Newham. The youth of this borough are the future that we are fighting for, these are the people that will be drastically affected by what we are facing, as a human species.

“As a council we need to be more responsive to the needs of residents, more responsive to the needs of the youth, and ensure that together we are tackling the climate emergency. We want the youth to be engaged with us and I hope that these conversations with young people continue.

“As a Commissioner, and as an administration, we are here to listen to the voices of young people because it is their future.”

The young people involved were publically thanked by the Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz, during Full Council, with many councillors praising the suggestions made. The suggestions included:

  • An informative school curriculum;
  • Celebrity endorsement;
  • Carbon capture storage;
  • A ban on single use plastic;
  • Walking only areas.

Some 98% of the attendees found that the youth assembly enabled them to have frank discussions with their peers and raise their concerns with decision makers. The event was organised and led by young people from the youth service, youth movement and the council.

Thomas Sedgwick, who attended the event, said: “I gained more knowledge about climate change and what the council, residents, and myself can do to help support such an important international issue.”

Reducing global greenhouse gas emissions is a priority for Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz who earlier this month launched a consultation into a draft Air Quality Action Plan which proposes actions for the council to deliver between 2019 and 2024. The proposed actions aim to reduce pollution and improve the quality of life, health and welfare of residents.

Published: 04 Oct 2019