Newham Council crack-down on anti-social behaviour in Stratford

Responding to complaints from residents, officers from Newham Council have led a joint operation to tackle the menace of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in some Stratford hotspots.

The issue of anti-social behaviour has been raised on numerous occasions by residents at the council’s new Tenant and Leaseholder Forums – and the operation came a direct result of those specific concerns.

On September 25 and 26 the London Borough of Newham ASB team in ​partnership with the council’s dedicated Ward Officers, with support from the Police EPT (Enforcement Partnership Team), conducted a highly focussed operation aimed at disrupting and challenging people whose behaviour, including drug taking, sex working, littering and fly-tipping were making life misery in Hamfrith Road E15 and the surrounding area.

The aim of the operation was to provide visible reassurance patrols to engage with the local community, use appropriate and proportionate enforcement tactics where offenders were identified and offer referrals for vulnerable people requiring support in relation to drug taking and sex working (with support from the dedicated drug and sex worker charities – CGL and NIA).

The operation involved both uniformed and non-unformed officers conducting patrols in the Romford Road area including Hamfrith Road, Dyson Road, Townley Court, Faraday Road, McGrath Road, Louise Road, Worland Road.

A large number of residents were directly engaged by the officers and hundreds of local addresses were leafletted about the activity and given information about the best way to report issues to the council in future. The feedback from members of the public was very positive, and also provided valuable information and intelligence which will be followed up in future operations.

The officers also conducted patrols in communal blocks checking for potential security issues which have been forwarded to the council’s housing and repairs and maintenance teams.

As a result of the operation there were:

  • 4 arrests by police for drugs possession and breach of Community Protection Notices (CPNs) 
  • 26 police stop and searches
  • 3 Penalty Notice for Disorder (PNDs) for possession of drugs 
  • 6 Community Protection Warnings (CPWs)
  • Officers made several referrals for support for individuals suffering drug issues, sex working and homelessness

Cllr James Beckles, cabinet member for crime and community safety said: “This kind of targeted operation, which is requested and supported by the local community, is a great example of best practise when tackling the blight caused by anti-social behaviour.

“With the support of residents, our officers have been able to lead a compassionate but proportionate enforcement operation to improve the neighbourhood. This kind of high visibility operation brings reassurance, and puts residents in direct contact with council officers, improving intelligence and building relationships for the future.”

Published: 01 Oct 2019