Statement regarding Ellie the dog


It is with deep regret that Newham Council has to announce that Ellie, a dog who had been in our care since February while a decision was made about her future forever home, has passed away.

Officers were concerned that Ellie may have recently started to have short duration seizures. Ellie was therefore referred to a vet to investigate further. The subsequent tests carried out by the vet were inconclusive and staff were advised to continue to closely monitor her. On Tuesday evening she began fitting and an emergency vet was called to examine her. It was decided to move her to the veterinary practice. Unfortunately although she received veterinary treatment she passed away on the journey.

We have informed the people who had expressed an interest in finding a permanent solution to Ellie’s future homing. An independent post-mortem is currently being carried out by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) into the circumstances of Ellie’s sad and untimely death. The RVC is at the forefront of teaching, research and practice in veterinary and biological sciences and is the UK’s largest, oldest and only independent veterinary school.

We have also provided the necessary support to our animal welfare staff who did everything they could to prevent Ellie's death. While she had been with us Ellie was cared for with love and compassion by our animal welfare staff. They are devastated about what has happened. The hard-working and compassionate team is made up of experts who care deeply about all the animals in their care.

Their sometimes difficult role is also to ensure the public is protected from dangerous animals and they have worked for months with Ellie. They had formed a close bond while working with her every day on dealing with the behaviour challenges she displayed until a position on a future home could be agreed.



  • 16 August 2019 - officers were concerned that Ellie had been suffering from episodes of stopping and staring, which is indicative of short duration seizures, and was taken to a vet for tests and examination. Examination and blood tests did not indicate the cause of the fits, and the vet was satisfied for Ellie to be returned to the animal welfare pound. Officers were advised to monitor her behaviour, which they had been doing.
  • On Tuesday evening (17 September) the animal behaviourist was visiting Ellie and she was found to be fitting. The vet was contacted as an emergency as the fits continued.
  • The vet arrived at around 7pm. Ellie continued to fit and the vet took her temperature which was high, and at a level that they considered was likely to cause harm. The vet sedated Ellie and transport was arranged to take her to the veterinary surgery.
  • The vet had to make a stop en-route to deal with Ellie as she continued to fit despite being sedated.
  • When the vet arrived at the surgery at approximately 7.45pm, Ellie was found to have passed away during transport.
  • A independent post-mortem examination by the Royal Veterinary College has taken place today (Friday 20 September).

Published: 20 Sep 2019