Newham residents at the heart of council decision to award contracts for design and delivery of Custom House regeneration

Newham Council has taken an exciting step towards the regeneration of Custom House by awarding contracts for the design, planning and delivery of the project, after consultation with residents.

Two contracts, one for design and planning services, and another for delivery and viability services, were awarded at a meeting of Newham Council’s Cabinet last week (Monday 21 January).

Residents from the People’s Empowerment Alliance for Custom House (PEACH) were involved in the shortlisting process for the award of these contracts.

The regeneration in Custom House, which is part of a £3.7billion project that will change the area alongside Canning Town, will deliver approximately 800-900 homes, including 50 per cent genuinely affordable housing. This is in line with the Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz’s, pledge to tackle the housing crisis and ensure homes built in the borough are affordable for its residents.

The first phase of the development will see regeneration in parts of Freemasons Road, Ethel Road and William Paton gardens. It will secure new homes, retail and community facilities, as well as public spaces at the centre of Custom House, directly north of Custom House DLR station.

This project, which was initially agreed at a meeting of Newham Council’s Cabinet in June 2017, is committed to working as a co-design process, with resident engagement built into each stage of the development.

Adam Khan Architects were awarded the contract for design and planning services, with the contract for delivery and viability services awarded to Montagu Evans. Both will be two-year contracts subject to delivery milestones, performance and output.

The design services contract with Adam Khan Architects will provide two paid four-week placements and ten skill placements for local young people. These placements are part of the pledge of this administration to support and develop young people from the area.

Mayor Fiaz said: “This is the next piece in the story of reviving, revitalising and kick-starting the much-needed regeneration of Custom House.
“I am please to say that this process has been very much a demonstration of the new administrations commitment to involving residents in all aspects of our decision making.

“It is absolutely vital and critical that we the press the start button on the much needed regeneration of Custom House and delivers homes that are genuinely affordable for our residents.”

Published: 29 Jan 2019