Cabinet approves Carpenters Towers refurbishment review: At least 132 additional social rent homes for Newham people possible

Cabinet approves Carpenters Towers refurbishment review: At least 132 additional social rent homes for Newham people possible.

  • Cabinet signals people powered approach to Carpenters Estate regeneration following feedback from residents, by approving assessments of the refurbishment potential of the high rise blocks.
  • Refurbishing James Riley Point Tower would make more than 130 homes available for Newham residents, offered at genuinely affordable social rent levels. 
  • Delivered by 2022/3, these homes would be part of hundreds more in line with Mayoral manifesto pledge to build at least 50 percent of all homes on the restored Carpenters Estate at social rent levels if supported by local residents. 

 At a formal meeting of the Cabinet, held on 6 October, the Mayor and members of her executive approved recommendations to assess the refurbishment potential of the three towers on the Carpenters Estate. It follows the Council’s commitment to work with residents to review all redevelopment options on the estate as part of a new collaboration to restore the neighbourhood and rebuild trust with residents.

Prior to the Mayor’s election in May 2018, council tenants were moved out of the three Carpenter Estate high rise blocks – Dennison Point, Lund Point and James Riley Point – under the previous administration’s plans that would have seen all three demolished to make way for redevelopment through a joint venture with a private developer.

Following expert advice, the Cabinet report sets out how refurbishment of the high rises could be an alternative to demolition, with at least one at James Riley Point presenting a viable option. The approach has been supported by local residents throughout the Carpenters Estate restoration process.

At the meeting, the Mayor and her Cabinet acknowledged that James Riley Point was the most feasible tower for refurbishment; and they agreed that if further technical work supports the refurbishment option, a planning application would subsequently be submitted to progress to the next stage with further resident involvement and subject to the outcome of a residents’ ballot.

Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz said: “Tackling the housing crisis has been my priority, and the priority of my administration, since I took office. I made a clear manifesto commitment that any proposals on the future of the Carpenters Estate must involve residents all the way throughout the process, and include a minimum of 50 percent genuinely affordable homes. It’s vital residents are at the centre of decision-making and that the Council works collaboratively with them so that the skills, knowledge and experience of those who know the estate best are shaping its future.

“I am very excited that we are working with residents towards an option on James Riley Point that could see 132 genuinely affordable social rent homes delivered as soon as 2022/23, and many hundreds more in the following years.”

Published: 14 Oct 2020