Covid Marshals join the fight against the Covid-19 Virus in Newham


Covid Marshals join the fight against the Covid-19 Virus in Newham.

Covid Marshals are the latest weapon in the fight to halt transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Sixty Marshals from Community Safety, Community Neighbourhoods, “activeNewham” and Highways are patrolling busy areas and communities across the borough.

The role of Marshals is not to enforce, but to engage, explain, and encourage behaviour and practises that will keep us all Covid safe. They are visiting businesses to give advice on how to keep premises safe, and where extra support can be accessed through the Council’s business support team.

As a last resort where enforcement is deemed necessary the Marshals report breaches to the authorities, be it the council’s own trading standards team, or the Police. But their main function is to inform and advise.

The Marshals have been trained by Newham’s public health team to give the latest advice in a constantly changing environment, and all patrols are carried out in a safe, Covid compliant way.

Cabinet member for crime and community safety, Councillor James Beckles; “Most people and most businesses have been brilliant in complying with the rules, at times in a very confusing environment. The Covid-19 Marshals are our “boots on the ground”, bringing the latest news, messages, and advice straight to our streets.

“Residents have nothing to fear from Marshals they are not there to punish but to help. If you are unclear on the rules or have any questions about how to keep yourself and your family safe and within the rules, please feel free to ask them.”

Cabinet member for health and adult social care, Councillor Zulfiqar Ali said; “As we approach the government’s December 2 deadline for changing this period of “Lock-Down 2” it is vital that our residents and businesses understand whatever rules are put in place. Most of the non-compliance the Marshals have encountered is due to misunderstanding the rules, and not a disregard for them, so having our teams on the ground, answering the questions that will help keep us all safe.

“We know the restrictions have changed over the course of this crisis, and they are going to change again, so the Marshals give us an immediate and direct route to get messaging straight to residents and businesses in a clear and direct way.”

Published: 25 Nov 2020