Further discounts on parking permits to help residents impacted by ongoing pandemic

Further discounts on parking permits to help residents impacted by ongoing pandemic.

Newham Council is introducing a 40% discount and further additional payment options for resident permit holders in recognition of the financial impacts of Covid-19 and to help spread the cost of parking permits throughout 2021.

Newham introduced new emissions based parking charges in January 2021, before the latest national lockdown.

Although a 20% Covid discount was already available to first permit holders in each household, the council decided to look again at the permit charging structure in light of the latest lockdown and ongoing financial hardship faced by residents.

As a result the council will double the 20% Covid discount for first permits to 40% and will give residents the option of buying 3 month or 6 month permits. Previously residents were only able to buy a 12 month permit.

The new discount and payment options will be available from February 8, 2021.

Cllr James Asser, Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Sustainable Transport said: “We know the financial hardship Covid-19 has had, which is why we implemented the one-off 20% Covid discount to help our residents. However, with the additional national lockdown, we heard from many residents expressing their concern about the financial pressure the ongoing pandemic was creating. After listening to their concerns, and feedback from councillors, we have taken further measures to help residents.

“We have worked as quickly as possible to implement these further discounts and permit options to help our residents, which will see renewals for the majority of residents costing between £9-£15 for 3 months, or £18-£30 for 6 months.”

Cllr Asser said Newham remains committed to emissions based charging for parking permits due to the poor air quality in the borough.

“Our toxic air is killing our residents. Each year, 96 people in Newham die prematurely due to the poor quality of the air that they breathe, and we know Covid has had a disproportionate impact on the health of our residents.

“For this reason, we need our residents to take personal responsibility for their contribution to our poor air quality by reducing the number of journeys they take by car, particularly those in high polluting vehicles, and to consider walking or cycling short journeys, as it’s been proven that vehicles emit more pollution during the first few miles of a journey.

“In the borough with the worst pollution in the country and where poor air quality is having a significant impact on the health of the population, particularly in the young and the elderly, doing nothing is no longer an option - we have to take action.”

How it will work

Permits purchased before February 8, 2021

  • Anyone who has already purchased a 12 month residential permit on MiPermit Newham, will be given an automatic 20% refund on their first permit for each household. Please note – due to the volume of permits to be refunded, it may take several weeks to be processed. Please wait until the end of March before contacting us if you haven’t received your refund.
  • Residents can also cancel their 12 month permits (and receive a pro-rata refund) and apply for a new 3 month or 6 month permit if they wish.
  • Anyone cancelling a permit must ensure that a new permit is applied for immediately, or they risk receiving a parking fine. Please note – refunds for cancelled permits may take up to 10 working days to be processed.

Permits purchased from February 8, 2021

  • When your paper permit is due for renewal, you will receive a reminder letter. The letter will outline how to register for MiPermit Newham and the next steps.

Published: 04 Feb 2021