Consultation begins on traffic schemes to create people friendly Newham streets


Following the successful introduction of two Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) schemes in Maryland and Forest Gate, consultation has begun on the next three schemes in the borough.

LTNs aim to improve local air quality and road safety by reducing traffic in targeted areas using ‘modal filters’ such as planters, bollards or cameras to make it easier, safer and more convenient to make local journeys on foot, by bike and by public transport.

Cabinet member for Environment, Highways and Sustainable Transport, Councillor James Asser said: “The move to make residential streets more people friendly and create a better quality environment for local residents, as well as well making it easier and more convenient to use other forms of transport, supports the council’s ambitions to make our streets safer and improve air quality.

“Latest figures from Public Health England show Newham currently has the highest percentage of deaths, in adults over 30, linked to exposure to PM2.5 which is something we are working hard to address.

“Residents have been engaging with the council about the first schemes and we have responded by making changes to address the issues raised and are collecting data to monitor the effectiveness of the scheme.”

Residents have also told us that they are already experiencing benefits:

One resident emailed: “The new scheme is brilliant. No through rat run traffic, much safer for cyclists and pedestrians, we now walk in the middle of the road. The air is cleaner and we feel we have reclaimed ownership of our neighbourhood.”

Another wrote: “So grateful to have reduced traffic in our street. Safer road, better air…anything to promote alternative transport is so important given the crisis we find ourselves in with air and environment all under threat. We love this improvement to our neighbourhood.”

Councillor Asser added: “We know that making changes to traffic flows in residential areas can make a significant improvement to air quality, increase road safety by cutting the number of rat-runs and improve the quality of life in residential areas by making local streets safer for local people.”

Consultation has now begun on the next three LTN schemes referred to as Area 3: Manbey, Area 4: Atherton and Area 7: Stratford Park.

The schemes will be implemented using experimental traffic orders and the first six months form part of the statutory consultation where residents can formally comment.

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Published: 15 Feb 2021