Mayor calls for Government action on cladding scandal

In solidarity with the ‘End Our Cladding Scandal’ (EOCS) march on Parliament, the Mayor of Newham says she is on the side of those demonstrating

Rokshana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham, said:

“Four years on from the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it is unacceptable that thousands of residents and families still go to sleep every night in fear of a deadly fire in their homes caused by unsafe cladding.

“I am on the side of all the people facing massive costs of fixing dangerous defects on their homes because the Government refuses to act to make the developers responsible pay.

“In Newham our Council is working hard to hold developers responsible. Why isn’t the Government doing the same thing?”

“I hope the incoming Secretary of State will listen to the voices in Parliament Square today – they need to act now keep our residents safe.”

Today’s march coordinated by the ‘End Our Cladding Scandal’ campaign group brings together leaseholders from across the country to demand Government support.

While the Government has provided some funding to support the removal of unsafe cladding, it has been far short of the estimated £15bn total cost required.

Newham Council passed a motion in March to formally support the ’10 Steps’ of the EOCS campaign, as well as calling on the Government to, among other things:

  • Publish a databased of every affected building
  • Shift the financial burden of repairs and removal to developers responsible
  • Meet the costs upfront through the Building Safety Fund
  • Underwrite insurance claims, support pursuit of EWS1 surveys, and support residents with mental health and wellbeing at this time of financial instability

Newham Council also supports the Local Government Association’s positon paper which calls for similar actions.


Published: 16 Sep 2021