Action on safer cleaner streets with £100 fines to tackle street drinking and dog nuisance

Newham’s Cabinet has agreed an action plan for safer cleaner streets to tackle on street drinking and dog poo with £100 fines for offenders.

At the meeting of Newham’s Cabinet on 11 January, the Council agreed Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for alcohol related anti-social behaviour and dog nuisance that starts on 23 February 2022 and runs for 3 years.

Councillor James Beckles, Cabinet Member for Crime and Community Safety, said:

“We have listened to our residents’ concerns about street drinking and dog poo and our message is we are on your side and we are going to take action.

“People have the right to walk down their street and feel safe and that is why street drinking and its impact on the wider community is a big issue raised by residents and businesses. Street drinking makes people feel insecure and less safe in public spaces.

“Similarly, dog related nuisance can contribute to negative feelings about open spaces and safety.

“We want Newham streets and parks to be safe and pleasant public spaces for our residents to enjoy. Alcohol and dog related nuisance is intimidating and can cause harassment as well as litter. Although most people enjoy our public spaces responsibly, there are those who do not; and their actions can make our streets and parks unpleasant places to be.

“We are clamping down and taking a zero tolerance approach on this behaviour with these new PSPOs. They will provide an invaluable additional tool for our Police and Community Safety Officers to continue their ongoing work to tackle anti-social behaviour in the borough and make Newham a safer, healthier and happier place to live.”

A public consultation on PSPOs was undertaken during October and November 2021. Feedback from residents was overwhelmingly in support of reintroducing controls around dogs and alcohol consumption in the boroughs parks and public spaces to tackle related anti-social behaviour.

Resident feedback from the consultation informed the final proposals for the dog control where residents also pledged strong support for the alcohol controls to be implemented borough-wide.

The PSPOs will allow officers to seize alcohol from nuisance drinkers and dog owners will need to clean up after their dogs. They will also introduce a limit on the number of dogs permitted on a lead to a maximum of 6 dogs per person. Dog owners will also be required to put their dog on a lead if asked to do so by an authorised officer, where there are concerns a nuisance is being caused.

Breaching the PSPO conditions or not complying with a request to do so, will result in a Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) of £100. Prosecution may also follow for a breach.

The Council and Police take a holistic approach to tackling street drinking with Police and Community Safety Officers working closely with Street Outreach Officers and drug and alcohol services to offer support to anyone habitually street drinking or where there is a link between street drinking and homelessness.

Published: 17 Jan 2022