Statement from Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE Carpenters Estate Ballot

Calls to cancel the vote of Carpenters Estate residents rejected by Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE.

“73 percent of voters voted yes in the Carpenters Estate ballot. It was conducted independently, honestly and in the interests of every person living on the estate so they could have their say on their homes and lives. The people have spoken and I am on their side.

“Residents overwhelmingly voted for this plan because it was designed with them in detail over three years and reflects their needs. With so many people facing rising rents as part of the cost of living crisis, we are proud of this £1 billion pound investment in making people’s lives better that will deliver more than 2,000 homes, with more than half at social rent levels.

“I am very proud that we spent £1 for every £2500 we will invest in the Carpenters Estate, involving residents in every part of the design process over the past three years. Listening to what people want for their homes and neighbourhood is the best investment a Council can make.

“Claims that funds spent involving residents in how the estate they live on was to be built was in fact ‘campaigning’ public relations for a yes vote are untrue.

Three key facts:

  1. This was a huge yes vote: Over 73 percent of local residents, including those who have a right to return, the Council the green light to build and restore a neighbourhood that had long been neglected, delivering over 2000 high quality, spacious and sustainable homes for local people that are genuinely affordable.
  2. It was designed by people: This people powered plan, the result of a three-year collaboration between residents and Newham Council, is a pioneering approach in delivering social housing and responding to the climate emergency, with a mixture of refurbished original properties and high quality new homes designed around local people’s needs rather than the need of developers in pursuit of profit.
  3. It will provide homes people can afford: At a time when many people are struggling to pay their rents and bills because of rising household costs, Newham Council is investing £1 billion on one of the most

significant estate regeneration programme, where over 1000 homes will be at social rents social rent that they can afford.

“This was a vote for the people and by the people where they decided their future and that of their community. I stand by those who had their say, who want a better future for them and their families and the community they live with.”

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Published: 22 Jan 2022