Proclamation of His Majesty King Charles III


In accordance with Royal custom, His Majesty King Charles III was proclaimed on Saturday 10 September at 10am following the convening of an Accession Council at St James's Palace. Thereafter, 

  • The Principal Proclamation was read at 11am from the balcony overlooking Friary Court at St James's Palace. 
  • A Second Proclamation was read in the City of London at the Royal Exchange at 12pm. 

As is convention, the Proclamation was read aloud the following day on Sunday 11 September 2022 in cities, boroughs, districts and counties across the UK. 

Newham’s reading of the proclamation for His Majesty King Charles III took place at the Old Town Hall, Stratford at 2pm on Sunday 11 September. The Proclamation Ceremony was open to all members of the public. You can watch the reading below.

View the Proclamation Order of Service (PDF)

Following the conclusion of the proclamation, we have reverted to observing the period of national mourning for the remaining of the 10 day period.

The Council followed the guidance as set out by the National Association of Civic Officers (NACO) in the guidance set out in the Marking of the Death of a Senior National Figure for the official proclamation in Newham. In line with this guidance, and in consultation with the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Newham, the official proclamation in Newham was introduced by the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Newham John Barber and then read by the Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz OBE.

The crowd at the proclamation event

Published: 09 Sep 2022