Browning Road Bridge and Healthy School Streets Access Permits

Access permits

If you live or own a business at an address that has restricted access and is enforced by CCTV cameras, you can apply for a virtual access permit. An access permit only allows access through the restricted street/zone and is not a parking permit that will allow you to park in a permit/shared use bay or on yellow lines in a Resident or Industrial Parking Zone.

Resident and business parking permit holders (where the permit is registered to an address within the access zone) will automatically have access granted through their permits. It is however the parking permit holders responsibility to ensure they renew their permit or update the details in the event of a change of vehicle. If your business is registered to an address outside the access zone and you hold a business parking permit that allows you to park in all zones (Resident Parking Zones) you are not granted automatic access.

Access permits are only required for residents and businesses who have off-street parking in the Browning Road Bridge or Healthy School Streets areas.

Resident and business parking permits issued to those that are not registered within the access zone are not valid to enter the zone during its hours of prohibition. 

Register for an access permit 

Types of Access Permits

Browning Road Bridge Access Restriction

Access to Browning Road bridge (southbound) is restricted to buses, emergency service vehicles, refuse vehicles, cyclists and black taxis.

Local residents who live at the addresses included in this list are permitted through the closure in the southbound direction only with a valid permit.

Business parking permit holders do not have an exemption to enter Browning Bridge Road (southbound).

If you already hold a resident parking permit or resident disabled parking permit you do not need to do anything, as your number plates will automatically be added to the ‘approved’ list.

If you are on the Approved List you will not receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for crossing the Browning Road Bridge.

If you park off-street and do not have a RPZ permit or you are riding a motorcycle, you will need to apply for your vehicle to be added to the ‘approved list’ and you will automatically be issued with a virtual permit.

Healthy School Streets restrictions

Newham has a series of timed road access restrictions operating around some schools in the borough. The restrictions help to make the roads near a school safer for children to walk and cycle and restrict through traffic at drop-off and pick-up times.

If you live within a Healthy School Street (HSS) zone and you already hold a resident parking permit or a disabled parking permit registered to your address within that zone, you can access that HSS zone at all times and do not need to do anything as you will automatically have access granted through these permits. The vehicle registration number for which the permit has been issued will automatically be added to the approved list. Any access granted with a residents permit or disabled residents permit is only valid for the Healthy School Street zone in which you live.

Business permit holders do not have an exemption to enter Healthy School Streets during their hours of prohibition.