Who can request a dropped kerb

The following criteria MUST be met:-

1. A vehicular crossover for Residential Property will not be allowed if it results in a loss of on-street parking in a road subject to parking stress i.e. there are many cars wanting to park and it is difficult to find a space.

(The presence of a Residents Parking Zone is normally evidence of "Parking Stress". Please enquire if your road has "Parking Stress")

2. A crossover will not be allowed within 10 metres of a corner or junction.

3. A crossover will not be allowed if the distance between the back of the footway and the nearest point on the property is less than 5.5 metres. This is to avoid obstruction of the footway by overhanging vehicles, and to prevent front gardens from being dominated by cars.

4. A vehicle crossover will not be allowed if vehicles parked on it would block emergency access/egress or hinder door step deliveries.

5. A vehicle crossover will not be allowed if it involves the removal of a street tree.

6. Other issues affecting an application include the presence of traffic humps or cushions, lamp columns, pedestrian crossings, barriers, and parking bays within a Residential Parking Zone (RPZ), and the proximity of the property to a bus stop.

7. If the application is for a Council owned property, the tenant must obtain prior written approval for the vehicular crossover from the Housing Manager. A copy of this approval must accompany your application.

8. A crossover will not be allowed if one already exists on a property.

9. Planning Consent may be required to amend the frontage of your house in conservation areas. The Planning Department will liaise with the Highways Department to see whether a crossover is allowable within these criteria. The Granting of Planning Consent does NOT mean that Consent for a Crossover is automatically granted.

10. Where approval is given for a crossover gravel or porous block work I slabs should be used to pave over your front garden. This is to reduce the over loading of sewers.

11. All vehicular crossovers must be constructed by the Council, using its own Contractor.

Please supply similar details with your application, as shown below:

Images which show examples of location of cross and crossing details plan