Industrial Parking Zones

FAQs for Industrial Parking Zones

What is an Industrial Parking Zone (IPZ)?
An IPZ is a system of parking bays and parking permits implemented by the council to make it easier for businesses and their employees to park safely near their place of work. Parking spaces are allocated for IPZ or Business permit holders and visitors. Visitors to the zone can pay to park using the Council’s cashless payment system (pay by phone).

What are the hours of operation?
The parking bays will be operational from 8am to 6.30pm on Monday to Saturday. Parking bays in IPZs are not in force on Sundays or bank holidays.

Double yellow lines are being introduced at some locations to maintain the free flow of traffic or for road safety reasons. No parking is allowed at any time on these lines.

Why is the IPZ being introduced?
Newham is a borough with good public transport links, a growing population, and many planned new developments. The council is aware that the demand for parking is becoming harder and harder to meet and, in an effort to ease the issues surrounding inconsiderate and unsafe parking and to aid the free flow of traffic in currently uncontrolled areas near industrial premises, the council is implementing an Industrial Parking Zone. The IPZ will enable larger vehicles to park without the risk of reducing sight lines for road users.

The purpose of an IPZ scheme is to reduce the number of vehicles, including commuters, trying to park within a zone during its hours of operation. However having an IPZ permit does not guarantee that a space will always be available in an IPZ.

What parking bays will be in the IPZ?
The IPZ will have ‘shared use’ bays – IPZ permits or business permits will be valid for an unlimited time in these bays. Visitors can pay to park in these bays for up to four hours using the council’s cashless payment system. The costs are £2.30 for up to 1 hour, £3.50 for 1 to 2 hours or £4.60 for 2 to 4 hours.

Where will my visitors park during the IPZ hours?
Visitors to the zone can pay to park in the ‘shared use’ parking bays for up to 4 hours using the cashless payment system.

Will there be Pay and Display (ticket) machines?
No. Visitors can use the ‘shared use’ parking bays and pay by phone using the cashless payment system. The location code will be clearly shown on the parking sign.

Why are the charges for permits based on CO2 emissions?
The CO2 emissions vehicle charging bands are based on DVLA groupings used by HMRC for vehicle taxation. The charges are meant to incentivise motorists to transition to more environmentally friendly vehicles, which will be subject to a lesser charge, resulting in less nitrogen oxides and harmful particulates.

How much will permits cost?
The permit charges are based upon the CO2 emissions and the charges for both types of permit are shown below. These charges contribute to the cost of introducing, maintaining and enforcing controlled parking.

CO2 emissions (g/km)

Engine Size (c.c.) (Only for vehicles registered pre-2001)

Emission Tier

IPZ Permit

period and charge

Business Permit period and charge

0 - 75

0 - 1100

Tier 1

3 months - free

6 months - free

12 months - free

3 months - free

6 months - free

12 months - free

76 - 170

1101 - 1850

Tier 2

3 months - £80

6 months - £160

12 months - £300

3 months - £175

6 months - £350

12 months - £600

171 - 225

1851 - 2500

Tier 3

3 months - £100

6 months - £200

12 months - £375

3 months - £200

6 months - £400

12 months - £750

226 +


Tier 4

3 months - £130

6 months - £260

12 months - £460

3 months - £250

6 months - £500

12 months - £900

Why are there two types of parking permits?

IPZ permits are only valid in the Canning Town IPZ. To give business users maximum flexibility, those located within an IPZ can alternatively obtain a business permit. Business permits are valid in permit holder only bays and ‘shared use’ bays within all IPZs and residential parking zones (RPZs) in the borough. This could be useful if visiting customers or suppliers located elsewhere in Newham.

What happens if I need a delivery?
Loading/unloading is permitted for up to 20 minutes in all parking bays.

What about motorbikes?
Motorcycles can park without charge in the bays.

How will the controls be enforced?
Any vehicle which is parked in a ‘shared use’ bay without a valid permit or without having paid to park, is parked on the footway outside of a marked bay, is parked on a yellow line, or has overstayed the time limit in a bay, is likely to be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by a Civil Enforcement Officer.

Where can Disabled (blue) badge holders park?
Blue badge holders can park for an unlimited time in any of the parking bays in the IPZ or for up to three hours on double yellow lines provided a valid blue badge is displayed. The time clock must also be displayed if parked on yellow lines.

How can I apply for a parking permit?
You can only apply for a parking permit online at

Can I park in an IPZ in another part of the borough?
Your Industrial Parking Zone permit will be specific for your IPZ and will not be valid for parking in any other IPZ or RPZ within the Borough. However business permits can be used in any IPZ or RPZ in Newham.

How can I give my views on the scheme?
The Canning Town IPZ will be introduced on an experimental basis: the council will consider in due course whether the scheme should become permanent. During the first six months of operation (from 31 October 2022 to 30 April 2023) you can give us your views and say whether or not you think the scheme should become permanent. If you wish to object to this scheme being made permanent, you will need to include your reasons for objecting. You can write to the Director of Highways, Transportation & Parking, London Borough of Newham, 3rd Floor West, Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, London E16 2QU or email: