Parking bay suspensions

If you wish to clear or reserve a parking bay within one of our residential parking zones, you will need to apply for a suspension. 

To request to park on a yellow line (parking dispensation) visit our waiting and loading on yellow lines page.​

When do we suspend parking bays?

We may consider suspending a parking bay for the following reasons: 

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Business or domestic removals
  • Building works
  • Maintenance and repairs to the highway
  • Maintenance and repairs to services (gas, water, electric, telecoms) buried within the highway
  • Filming.

Please note that a suspension only applies to the parking bay during controlled hours enforced in the residential parking zone. 

We do not suspend disabled parking bays unless we need to carry out essential or emergency maintenance works.

Suspension of parking spaces in car parks

Parking spaces in our car parks can be suspended for reasons such as building works, maintenance or filming.

Our charge includes the fee to usually park in the car park, plus an administration fee of £25.