Parking and loading on yellow lines and parking dispensations

Parking on yellow lines 

Find out about when you can wait and load on yellow lines and how to apply for parking dispensations. 

Waiting and loading restrictions on yellow lines 

Waiting and loading restrictions are used to limit parking in places where it would be unsafe to leave a vehicle for any length of time. They help drivers and pedestrians to see at junctions and keep traffic moving. 

Waiting and loading restrictions 

Waiting restrictions are marked by single or double yellow lines in the road, alongside the kerb. 

Loading restrictions are marked by single or double yellow blips on the kerb.  You can check the time-plate to know when no loading can take place 

You can only park on single yellow lines outside of the restricted hours. You cannot park on double yellow lines, restrictions apply to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

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