Parking and loading on yellow lines and parking dispensations

Parking dispensation

A parking dispensation allows you to wait or load on a single yellow line. They are usually granted for up to three months if a vehicle is needed because: 

  • You need to carry out specific work in that area 
  • You need to be as close to the premises as possible for loading/unloading goods and material 
  • No other parking is available. 

How much do they cost? 

Dispensations cost £50 per vehicle, per location per day for a maximum of 3 days. So a 2 day dispensation would cost £100 per vehicle and a 3 day dispensation would cost £150 per vehicle. Dispensation applications can be made for a 3 day period or a 3 month period. A 3 month dispensation would cost £1000 per vehicle per location for the 3 month period.   

How do I apply? 

You must make a request for a parking dispensation by emailing

Please make sure you include the following information: 

  • The precise location including street, postcode, door numbers - for example John Street, E15, outside numbers 24-26 
  • How often the location will be visited 
  • Why the business cannot be operated outside the restricted hours. 

Please be aware that it takes up to 10 working days to process your request.