Demolition control

If you own a building and you plan to demolish it you need to tell the council in writing six weeks before you start the work. When you tell us about your plans, this is called a demolition (or Section 80) notice.  

You will need to include the exact name and location of the building to be demolished and a description of the demolition work. 

You also need to send this information to the gas and electricity suppliers and to owners of any buildings next to the building to be demolished. It is important to include a plan of the site with the notice, which clearly shows the building(s) to be demolished. 

Once we receive a Section 80 notice we will send an answer. This is called a counter notice. 

Give notice of demolition 

When you do not need a Section 80 notice 

Sometimes you do not need to give us a Section 80 notice, for example where: 

  • The building to be demolished is less than 1,750 cubic feet (50 cubic metres) in volume (outside measurement) 
  • The structure is a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, which is part of a larger building 
  • The demolition is inside an occupied building 
  • The demolition is for slum clearance 
  • The building is a certain type of farm building. 

Counter notice 

When we receive your Section 80 notice, we will send you a counter notice. We have to do this within six weeks of receiving your Section 80 notice. The counter notice will list the conditions you will need to meet while you demolish. 

Counter notice conditions 

The types of conditions will depend on the nature of the building and its location and most are just common sense. 

 Normally we will ask you to: 

  • Shore and weather buildings which are joined to the one you plan to demolish 
  • Control or remove hazardous materials safely 
  • Seal or remove any unused drains 
  • Take all steps necessary to protect the public. 

Illegal burning on the site 

You must not cause dark smoke to come from a site. You must not allow smoke to cause a nuisance or health hazard. The safest way to avoid problems is not to burn any material on site at all. Instead, recycle where possible or take the material to a landfill site. 

Extra planning permission 

Sometimes you might need extra permission, particularly if the building is: 

  • A home 
  • Next to a home 
  • Listed  
  • In a conservation area. 

If you are not sure whether the building you want to demolish needs a Section 80 notice, email