Local land charges and searches

Fees and cancellations

All payments must be made by BACS please contact Land.Charges@newham.gov.uk for further information on payment details. Payments by cheque are no longer accepted.

In accordance with HMRC ruling in December 2016, London Borough of Newham Land Charges started charging VAT (20%) on CON29 searches from 31 March 2017. The LLC1 charges remain unchanged.

Services 2021/22


​Official search fee (Form LLC1 and CON29)

​£163 - inc VAT

​Local land charges search (Form LLC1)


Local authority search (Form CON29)
Official search (CON29R)
Optional search each (CON29O)

​£138 inc VAT

£24 inc VAT

​Searches for an additional parcel of land

​£37 inc VAT

​Solicitors own enquiry - minimum fee subject to complexity

​£60 inc VAT

How long will the searches take?

Once the search is complete, we will email the results to the email address provided.


If you wish to cancel your search request you can do this within 24 hours of making your request by calling us on 020 3373 0996 or by emailing us at: land.charges@newham.gov.uk