Food hygiene and safety standards

Food that is not stored, handled or cooked properly can give people food poisoning. Food that is not labelled correctly can cause people with allergies or intolerance serious health issues.

Food allergies and intolerance

If you run a food business, you must provide information about the allergenic ingredients used in the food you make or sell. You must either display the information or have it available to advise customers.

Find more information on the Food Standards Agency website

Food hygiene training

European law on food hygiene website says that all businesses must make sure they give employees who handle food the proper training in food hygiene.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) backs the course, and candidates get a certificate when they finish it successfully. You can find out more about the topics covered in the course on the CIEH Chatered Institute of Environmental Health website.

Food hygiene and safety in the workplace information and advice

You can find information and advice on food hygiene on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website and from its booklet:

The FSA's information and management pack, Safer Food, Better Business helps small businesses raise standards in food safety and follow hygiene laws.

Natasha’s Law

Pre-packed for direct sale

From October 1 2021 all ‘pre-packed’ food must be clearly labelled. Ingredients must be listed and allergens shown in bold .

If you make food on site and ‘pre-pack’ (I.e. wrap) before the customer orders the food, you must now label the food properly.

Please visit the Food Standards Agency website for further information and advice.