Pollution – report a nuisance

We will investigate any complaints about offensive smells, noise, vibration, dust or other nuisance caused by industry, business or construction in Newham. 

Please note, to report noise not related to the environmental pollution please go to Noise Problems and Reporting page. 

Report a nuisance caused by pollution 

You can report a nuisance caused by pollution online: 

Report noise nuisance 

Report an odour or smell issue (currenlty unavailable)

Report air pollution (currenlty unavailable)

What kinds of pollution we investigate 


If we find that there is a nuisance, we can order the company to stop or limit the activities causing the problems. To make a complaint out of office hours, call us on 020 8430 2000.

Telephone: 020 3373 0643

Email: pollution.enquiry@newham.gov.uk

Fumes from paint-spraying workshops.  

Dust, noise and smells from: 

  • The manufacture of building material 
  • Food processing plants 
  • Car workshops. 

Business and transport: 

  • Noise, vibration and pollution from London City Airport, public roads and railways
  • Smells from Beckton Sewage Treatment Works. 

Building sites: 

  • Dust and noise from building sites and major building projects, including Crossrail. 

We investigate all complaints of noise, vibration, dust and nuisance from major building sites. Where necessary we will make sure that contractors do all they can to keep noise and vibration to a minimum and act to control dust and other nuisances.