More tips on how to get good quality compost

Here are some few tips to help you look after your compost and make sure it’s a good mix that will give your garden a rich compost.

  • Find the right place: the best place is in the garden on bare soil; if you have to put it onto concrete, tarmac or patio slabs, make sure there's a layer of soil or existing compost at the bottom of the composter, so the worms can spread.

  • Layer it: each time you put a layer of greens in, add an equal layer of browns too.
  • Keep your compost moist: not too wet and not dry, and check before you add a layer; if it's dry, add water; if it's soggy, add some more brown material.
  • Add some air, so it doesn't smell: give your compost a turn with a garden fork every now and then.
  • Sit back and relax: it takes six to nine months for your compost to be ready to use, so be patient.
  • Ready for use: once your compost turns into a dark material which looks like thick, moist soil and gives off an earthy fresh aroma, you'll know it's ready to use.
  • Collect the compost: lift the bin slightly or open the hatch at the bottom and scoop out the fresh compost with a garden fork or spade.
  • Use it: don't worry if it looks a bit lumpy with twigs or bits of eggshell, this is perfectly normal; use it to on garden borders or vegetable patches, in patio containers or to feed the lawn.