Admission appeals

School admission appeals

If you apply for a place for your child at a state-funded school, and the application is refused, you can appeal that decision under certain circumstances.

Normally you can only appeal for entry to the same school once each academic year.

Before you appeal

Chobham Academy has a different appeal process. Visit the Chobham Academy website to find out how to appeal.

Before you decide whether to appeal, think about:

  • The rules of entry for the school you want your child to go to
  • Your medical, philosophical, religious and social reasons for wanting your child to go to the school
  • Your child's view on which school they should go to
  • How strong your case is.

If you still wish to appeal, make sure you read the relevant guidance document before you apply:

Guide to primary school admission appeals (PDF) 

Guide to secondary school admission appeals (PDF)