School governors

How to become a school governor

Becoming a school governor gives you the opportunity to positively influence how a school is run for the benefit of its pupils. Find out more about what it takes and how to become a school governor.

Qualities of a school governor

You do not have to have formal qualifications, but your skills and experience will be taken into consideration. Commitment to the role is very important.

To be an effective governor and trustee you need to:

  • Have an interest in education, schools and young people
  • Be able to listen to other people's views, to discuss them and make a decision
  • Be prepared to use your skills and experience for the benefit of the school
  • Be willing to support the decisions the governing body takes
  • Have time to play your part in the governing body’s work
  • Be willing to learn.

Become a school governor

To find out how to become a school governor in a Newham school, go to the Newham Partnership Working website.