Building, skip and scaffolding permissions

Scaffolding and hoarding licences

If you need to have scaffolding or a hoarding (advert) in place, you will need to have permission from us to do so. You must not place a scaffold or other structure on the street without the council’s permission. If you do you may get a fixed penalty of up to £150, or you could be prosecuted. 

We will give you a licence if you meet the conditions in the application, and if we receive payment and evidence of your public liability insurance. 

We do not give quotations for the tendering of works via email or telephone. A completed application form and drawings for your site are required. Should a site visit be required by our officer there will be a charge of £114.00. 

Apply for a licence 

Download and complete the Licence and permission forms and return them by email to 

Please allow 15 working days for applications to be processed, any applications received with less than 15 working days’ notice, will be rejected.

Should a Site visit be required, this will be subject to the above fee and may extend the processing time.

Please note that all applications need to be supplied with a copy of your public Liability insurance, to cover a minimum of £10,000,000.00 

Please note that, due to remote working we are not currently office based, any postal applications will be delayed in reaching us and may not get actioned quickly.

You can also email us to request a copy of the forms on

Download the Application for permission to erect a hoarding on a Public Highway (PDF)

Download the Application to erect a scaffold on the Public Highway (PDF)