Royal Docks Corridor

Royal Docks Corridor - Silvertown Way and North Woolwich Road

Newham Council, in partnership with the Royal Docks Team will be improving the road layout and street environment along the Royal Docks Corridor, which includes Silvertown Way and the section of North Woolwich Road up to Connaught Bridge.

Location plan (PDF)

Silvertown Way and North Woolwich Road were constructed in their current form to serve the historic industrial uses of the Royal Docks. Following the closure of the Royal Docks, the area has become more residential with some developments already completed and others planned in the near future. With the changing character of the Royal Docks Corridor, the current road layout is not appropriate. It is dominated by traffic and does not provide an attractive or safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists, or easy access to public transport.

There are various reasons for this including excessive road widths, high traffic volumes and speeds; the location of existing crossings and the need for additional crossings; the lack of appropriate cycling facilities; the quality of the footways; and the general look and feel of the area with the need for more greening, better lighting and more attractions along the route.