Household waste collection

If you live in Newham we will collect your rubbish at least once a week; twice daily on some of the busiest main roads.  

Your household rubbish does not go to landfill. Some recyclable materials are taken out, and then the rest is used to make a solid fuel. To find out more, visit the Recycle for your community website.

Picture of wheelie bin in a front garden

Your rubbish collection day

You can find out the day of your rubbish collection using My Neighbourhood.

Rubbish bins and bags

If you live in a house or flat on street level with your own front garden, then you will probably have your own wheelie bin for rubbish. For more information on using your bin and how to ask for bins of different sizes, go to the Wheelie bins page.
If you live in a street property without room for a wheelie bin, or if you live above a shop, then you may need to put your rubbish out in black sacks. Please make sure these are tied up properly, and wrap any sharp items in newspaper so that they do not rip the sack open.
In other places, like blocks of flats or estates, you may use larger, shared bins to hold  your rubbish. Make sure you put all of your rubbish bags into these bins to help keep the shared areas clean and tidy and free from rats.

Putting out your rubbish

Our rubbish collections start at 6am, so make sure your bins or bags are out by that time. We suggest you put them out the night before your collection day.
Leave your bin or bags for collection at the edge of your property.
If you live on one of the busier main roads in the borough, and you do not have your own front garden, we may collect your rubbish up to twice a day, but you can only put your bin or bags out on the pavement within certain times. For more information, go to the Timed collections page.

Missed rubbish collections

If you put your rubbish out on time but we do not collect it, report it to us. Report a missed collection Note that our rubbish collection teams work as late as 10pm, so please do not report a missed collection until after this time, even if we normally collect your rubbish earlier in the day.

Types of waste for special collection

Bulky waste items

We will not collect bins containing furniture, large electrical appliances or other bulky waste items. Book a special collection for these items or take them to Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre.

Hazardous waste

It is important that we properly deal with hazardous (dangerous) waste, such as poisons, paints and chemicals, so that they do not cause harm. The City of London's hazardous waste collection and disposal service will collect these types of waste for disposal free of charge. The service is run by the City of London for us.
You can also take paint to the Jenkins Lane Re-use and Recycling Centre to be re-used.

Clinical waste

We need to collect and get rid of some forms of healthcare waste separately from other rubbish, as they could be harmful to health. For more information, go to the Clinical waste page.
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