Timed waste collections on busy streets

How timed waste collections work

We want residents to be proud to live in Newham and for visitors to enjoy coming to the borough. So on our busiest roads we have timed waste collections on some of our main streets, so we can make sure they stay clean and clear of rubbish. This means that residents on these roads must put their rubbish out at set times, and it will be collected more frequently.  

Timed collections only affect certain streets. 

If you normally put rubbish bags and bins, or any recycling, on these streets for collection, you need to do it at set times and on set days. 

If you live in a flat above a shop you must put your rubbish bags on the pavement of the main road for collection at set times. Please do not leave any rubbish on side streets or in alleyways. 

If you use a bin which is always stored on your property – that is if you do not normally put it on the road for collection – timed collections do not affect you. You can just use your bin as normal. 

If your street is affected by timed collections, you must not put rubbish out on the street outside the set days and times (this includes all day on Sundays). Residents on these streets who don’t follow the correct process not only risk their street being littered with household rubbish, but may also face a fine.  

Why we have timed waste collections in some areas  

Timed waste collections benefit everyone who lives on, or uses our busiest roads. They mean: 

  • bags and bins stay on the main roads waiting for collection for less time, keeping our streets cleaner 
  • fewer bags and bins in the way, make it easier for people to get through the streets. 

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