Parking fines

How to pay or challenge your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) - also known as a parking fine or ticket.
Penalty Charge Notice on a car window

Charges for Penalty Charge Notices

We do not set the charges for Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). They are set by a London-wide group called London Councils.
You can reduce the cost of your PCN charge if you pay within 14 days. 
You can get a PCN for three types of offence and the charge is different for each:


There is a penalty charge of £130 for a serious parking offence and £80 for a less serious offence reduced to £65 and £40 respectively if you pay:
  • within 14 days (if a parking warden issued the notice)
  • within 21 days (if a CCTV camera operator issued the notice).

    Bus lane

    There is a penalty charge of £130, reduced to £65 if you pay within 14 days.

    Moving traffic

    There is a penalty charge of £130, reduced to £65 if you pay within 14 days.

    How to pay your Penalty Charge Notice

    You can't pay a penalty charge to a parking warden on the street.


    You can also look at images of your parking contravention.
    Note, that if you wish to download the images you must do so before you pay your PCN. The images will not be available online after you have made your payment.


    You can call the automated payment line on 020 8430 2000 and pay with either a debit or credit card.
    A lot of people choose to pay online or call the automated payment line because it is easy, quick, secure and available 24 hours a day. 
    Note, if you wish to challenge a PCN, you must write a letter or send a fax.


    Send your payment to:
    London Borough of Newham 
    Parking and Traffic Enforcement
    PO Box 1125
    WA55 1EJ
    Do not send cash in the post. 
    Make your cheque, postal order or bankers draft payable to 'London Borough of Newham'. Make sure you include the original PCN or write the PCN number and your vehicle registration number on the back of the cheque.
    We will not accept post-dated cheques. If your cheque 'bounces' we count it as a non-payment, and you may have to pay a higher amount.

    Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice

    You can make an informal challenge against a PCN.
    Write a letter that includes the following information:
    • the reasons why you believe the PCN should be cancelled
    • any evidence you have to support your appeal
    • your name
    • your address
    • the PCN number
    • your vehicle registration.

    Send your letter within 14 days of getting the PCN to the following address:

    Newham Council
    Parking and Traffic Enforcement
    PO Box 1125
    WA55 1EJ

    Or by fax to 08453 058 106

    What happens next?

    If your informal challenge is accepted you won't have to pay anything.

    If we reject the challenge we'll write to you and tell you how to pay or how to appeal.

    If you sent your informal challenge within 14 days, you will be re-offered the discount amount for 14 days from the date of our letter.
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