Parking enforcement and penalties

View and appeal a penalty charge notice

If you believe your penalty charge notice was issued in error, you can view and challenge your PCN.

You can find out more about challenges, appeals and enforcement, what to do before you challenge or appeal a PCN, reasons why an appeal may fail and the PCN appeals process on our Information about challenges, appeals & enforcement page.

We cannot consider a representation/challenge against a removal PCN until you have paid for the release of your vehicle. Where your vehicle has been removed, you need to contact the car pound and pay for its release, further information on how to release your vehicle can be found on the Clamping and removals – Parking enforcement and penalties page.

If a protected characteristic, as listed in the Equality Act 2010, or another condition makes it difficult for you to challenge or pay your penalty charge notice we will consider what reasonable adjustments we can make to assist you with the process. The following link will provide you with more options on how to contact the Council.

Chatbot Max

In order to support drivers with the online appeals process, we have introduced Chatbot Max, an interactive tool which will help you decide if you should make a representation against a parking or moving contravention and which supporting evidence you should be including.

View and challenge your PCN here

If you are having problems uploading your documents, you can use the scanners now available at all of our libraries.  

The file size must not exceed 6MB and can be in the following formats jpeg, jpg, png or PDF files. 

Please note that you can’t appeal by phone.  Representations can be made online by clicking on the link above ‘View and Challenge your PCN here’ or you can send it to the following address by post. Only choose one method to submit your representation and not both for example do not send in representation by post and also make representation online for the same penalty charge notice.

L B Newham Parking Correspondence 
PO Box 71575 
E6 9LY

If your vehicle was removed to a car pound after a PCN was issued the process is different – please refer to the Clamping and Removals page for further information. 

What happens next?  

  • Where a PCN is issued under the Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004, the council will respond to your challenge within 56 days of the date it was received.
  • Any PCNs issued by a camera, such as bus lanes, no entry restrictions, motor vehicle restriction zones, pedestrian zones in pursuant to the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 (as amended),  London Local Authorities 1996 and Transport for London Act 2003 will be responded to as soon as possible. There is no corresponding provision within the Acts relating to bus lane and moving traffic contraventions which require that an Enforcement Authority must respond within a statutory time limit.

If you challenge your penalty charge notice within 14 days, the notice will be held at the reduced rate and a further 14 days given, from the date of our correspondence, to pay at the reduced rate if your challenge is not accepted.

Please note that we will send our response by Royal Mail, unless you specify that you wish to receive a response via e-mail. If you would like a response by email then please ensure that you provide a valid email address and check your junk/spam folders prior to contacting us if you have not received a response within the above indicative timescales.