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Having your say on council decisions

You can voice your concerns and issues with us by speaking at council meetings. You can also attend public meetings of the council to observe proceedings.​​​​​​
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Attending council meetings

Everyone has the right to attend public meetings of the council, its committees and sub-committees, including meetings of Cabinet and Mayoral Proceedings. But it may be necessary to ask you to leave the room during discussion of confidential information, such as information relating to a named individual, commercially or legally sensitive information.


Please note that for people who are deaf or hearing impaired a hearing loop system will be provided at the monthly meeting of council. If you require British Sign Language interpretation at the meeting, please email both and 10 days before the meeting, so the council can accommodate the request.

Council meetings are either held at East Ham Town Hall or Old Town Hall Stratford where both venues are wheelchair accessible.

If you have any accessibility requirements or concerns for any of the council’s committee meetings, please email or discuss with the democratic services team and​ (telephone 020 3373 4643).


Public question time

Twenty minutes is allowed for questions by the public at Council meetings. Each question must be sent using this online form​ at least six clear working days before the meeting at which it is to be considered. Democratic Services on behalf of the Chief Executive will confirm the questions to be considered and you will be notified accordingly.

The deadlines for public questions for the Council meetings scheduled for 2018/2019 are as follows:
​​Date of meeting ​Deadline for submission - public questions
​29 October 2018 ​12pm (midday) 19 October 2018
​26 November 2018 12pm (midday) ​16 November 2018
​10 December 2018 ​12pm (midday) 29 November 2018
​18 February 2019 ​12pm (midday) 7 February 2019
​18 March 2019 ​12pm (midday) 7 March 2019
​15 April 2019 12pm (midday) 4 April 2019​

​​Please see above for accessibility​ for public question time events.

Let your voice be heard

Your November Citizens' Assemblies

Join us for the second round of Citizens’ Assemblies to comment and develop the ideas and challenges identified in your area. Help to create a shared vision for the place where you live, to shape its development and growth, and set priorities for a local community neighbourhood plan. Join us at your local Citizens’ Assembly.

You can register at Community Neighbourhoods Citizens' Assemblies and you can also register for special requirements to enable you to attend. 

For more information contact 

Find out what was said in September’s Citizens’ Assemblies:

What are Neighbourhood Citizens’ Assemblies

Neighbourhood citizens’ assemblies are large open meetings where you and others from your Neighbourhood decide how to improve your area.

The assembly is your chance to:
  • set the priorities for the Community Plan
  • discuss and work together with others to find solutions to local problems 
  • connect with other local people and share knowledge
  • set up local projects
  • find out what is happening in your local area 
  • give directions on how funding available to your area is spent
There will be a daytime and an evening assembly session in each Community Neighbourhood which will last approximately 3 hours, including a break and time to meet and greet others.

How They Work

The borough of Newham has eight Community Neighbourhoods. Each Community Neighbourhood covers two or three local wards. So the assembly will deal with making improvements to that whole area rather than one particular street or ward. Anyone who lives, works or learns in the Community Neighbourhood can attend. Each assembly will set the priorities for creating the Community Neighbourhood Plan and improving the area in general.

Guidelines for participation during the assembly
  • Listen to each other
  • Be respectful when someone is talking
  • You don’t have to agree
  • Be careful not to dominate - let others talk
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have loads of ideas, your attendance is a great contribution
  • Share what comes to mind
  • Make connections and enjoy being part of shaping your local area’s future

The Neighbourhood Citizens’ Assemblies - September 2018 to March 2019

The assemblies in each area will be followed by the creation of a steering group that will consist of local people who live, work or learn in the area, alongside councillors and council officers. This steering group will take the priorities decided upon in the assemblies and put together the details of the Community Neighbourhood Plan.

he draft plan will then be put to a second Neighbourhood Citizens’ Assembly in the Autumn of 2018 or early 2019 for comments and review.

The Community Neighbourhood Plan which has been created by the assembly and steering group will be finalised in March 2019.

​​Community Neighbourhood Time​ Date​ Venue​
​Plaistow 9pm ​​Thursday 8 November ​​Barking Road Community Centre, 627 - 633 Barking Road, E13 9EZ
​​Custom House and Canning Town ​6 9pm ​Monday 12 November ​​Custom House and Canning Town Community Neighbourhood Centre, Rathbone Market, 18 Barking Road, Canning Town, E16 1EH
​​Green Street ​​​9pm ​​Tuesday 13 November ​Katherine Road Community Centre, 254 Katherine​ Road, E7 8PN
​Stratford and West Ham ​​​9pm ​​Tuesday 20 November ​​Old Town Hall Stratford, 29 The Broadway, Stratford E15 4BQ
​Manor Park  ​​​6 - 9pm ​Wednesday 21 November ​Jack Cornwell Community Centre, Jack Cornwell Street, E12 5NN
​​East Ham  ​6 9pm ​​Thursday 22 November ​​Newham Town Hall, Barking Road, East Ham, E6 2RP
​Beckton and Royal Docks 6 - 9pm Wednesday 28 November Beckton Community Centre, 14 East Ham, Manor Way, Beckton, E6 5NG​
​Forest Gate 9pm ​Thursday 29 November ​Forest Gate Learning Zone, 1 Woodford Road, Forest Gate, E7 8PN
 Putting Newham Residents at the Heart of Everything We Do.​

Speaking at council meetings

If you wish to speak at any meeting of the council, its committees or cabinet, you may ask for a deputation.
Deputations may be made up of up to five people. No more than three members of your deputation will be allowed to speak at the meeting. The others will be able to answer any questions asked by councillors. You will be given up to five minutes to speak. Councillors will then have a further five minutes to ask you questions.
You must make a deputation request at least five clear working days before the meeting you wish to speak, for example;
  • If the meeting is scheduled for a Thursday, the request for deputation would need to be sent, at the latest, on Wednesday the week before.
  • If the meeting is scheduled for a Tuesday, the request for deputation would need to be sent, at the latest, on the Monday the week before.
  • If the meeting is scheduled for a Monday, the request for deputation would need to be sent, at the latest, on the Friday two weeks before.​
Each question must be sent using this online form​ at least five clear working days before the meeting at which it is to be considered. Democratic Services on behalf of the Chief Executive will confirm the questions to be considered and you will be notified accordingly. ​​

If you would just like information about the process, you can call our Corporate Governance Team on 0203 373 4643.

Have your say in other ways

You can have your say on our plans, proposals and decisions in other ways:

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