Citizens' Assemblies

What are Neighbourhood Citizens’ Assemblies?

Neighbourhood citizens’ assemblies are large open meetings where you and others from your neighbourhood decide how to improve your area.​ 

The assembly is your chance to: 

  • Set the priorities for the Community Plan 

  • Discuss and work together with others to find solutions to local problems  

  • Connect with other local people and share knowledge 

  • Set up local projects 

  • Find out what is happening in your local area  

  • Give directions on how funding available to your area is spent. 

There will be a daytime and an evening assembly session in each Community Neighbourhood which will last approximately 3 hours, including a break and time to meet and greet others. 

How they work 

The borough of Newham has eight Community Neighbourhoods. Each Community Neighbourhood covers two or three local wards. So the assembly will deal with making improvements to that whole area rather than one particular street or ward. Anyone who lives, works or learns in the Community Neighbourhood can attend. Each assembly will set the priorities for creating the Community Neighbourhood Plan and improving the area in general. 

Guidelines for participation during the assembly: 

  • Listen to each other 

  • Be respectful when someone is talking 

  • You don’t have to agree 

  • Be careful not to dominate - let others talk 

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have loads of ideas, your attendance is a great contribution 

  • Share what comes to mind 

  • Make connections and enjoy being part of shaping your local area’s future.