Citizens' Assemblies

Community assemblies

Get involved in your local Community Assembly

Join us at your local Community Assembly to identify and discuss how best to address challenges in your area. The assemblies give you and your neighbours direct influence to create a shared vision for the place where you live, work or learn and to help shape its development and growth. This will be your chance to set priorities, establish community projects for your neighbourhood, influence decision making, and have a greater say in how local funding is spent.

How they work 

The borough of Newham has eight Community Neighbourhoods and each neighbourhood has been allocated approximately £100,000 funding to spend on improving the area. Each of the Community Neighbourhoods covers two or three local wards. The assemblies will deal with making improvements to that whole area rather than one particular street or ward. Anyone who lives, works or learns in the Community Neighbourhood can take part.

Each Community Neighbourhood has a working group from the previous cycle of assemblies that consists of local people who live, work or learn in the area, councillors and council officers. They will work together to review the priorities and the information that has emerged from the new cycle of community assemblies. They will then make an assessment on the local priorities and advise on the appropriate projects and activities, using their local knowledge of the neighbourhood area. To apply to be part of the working groups see the ‘How to get involved’ section below.

The assembly is your chance to: 

  • Set the priorities for your Community Neighbourhood
  • Discuss and work together with others to find solutions to local problems  
  • Connect with other local people and share knowledge 
  • Establish local projects 
  • Find out what is happening in your local area  
  • Give directions on how funding available to your area is spent. 

How to get involved

Please visit the Newham Co-create platform to take part in the online engagement phases for the Community Assembly cycle (between April 2021 to March 2022).  

Join us at the third round of your local Community Assembly to hear which projects were voted in to receive a portion of the £100,000 available in your neighbourhood. This is your chance to hear early feedback on how the projects are progressing directly from local groups. You can also have your say on how you think the assembly and online process has gone so far.

The assembly will be held via Zoom. A British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter will be available for anyone who requires BSL.

Please click on the registration link within the below table to register for your local Community Assembly:

Community Neighbourhood

 Date & Time

Registration links

Community Neighbourhood Team Contact Details

Forest Gate

Monday 1 November

Register for the Forest Gate Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0856

Email: [email protected]

Green Street

Wednesday 3 November

Register for the Green Street Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0857

Email: [email protected]

Manor Park

Thursday 4 November

Register for the Manor Park Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0858

Email: [email protected]

Beckton & Royal Docks

Monday 8 November

Register for the Beckton & Royal Docks Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0853

Email: [email protected]

Stratford & West Ham

Wednesday 10 November

Register for the Stratford & West Ham Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0826

Email: [email protected]

Custom House & Canning Town

Monday 15 November

Register for the Custom House & Canning Town Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0854

Email: [email protected]


Tuesday 23 November

Register for the Plaistow Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0859

Email: [email protected]

East Ham

Thursday 25 November

Register for the East Ham Assembly

Phone: 020 3373 0827

Email: [email protected]

If you are unable to attend the assembly, you can find an update about the journey so far on the Newham co-create platform and have your say on how you think the online process has gone so far by completing our short survey.