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Civil weddings and civil partnerships

Information to help you plan your civil wedding or partnership.

Giving notice and arranging your ceremony

You can hold a civil ceremony at:
  • the Passmore Edwards Room or The Old Court Room at Newham Register Office
  • a licensed venue in Newham.
After you have chosen your venue and discussed possible dates you must both go to the register office to give notice.

Marriage fees

As well as the fee to give notice of marriage or civil partnership, you will need to pay a fee for the ceremony:

Newham Register Office

  • Monday (at 9.15am only) - £46 (for the couple and two witnesses only)

Passmore Edwards Room (for up to 50 people in East Ham Town Hall)

  • Monday to Friday - £180
  • Saturday before 1.30pm - £278
  • Saturday after 2pm - £424
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - £530

Old Court Room (for up to 120 people in East Ham Town Hall)

  • Saturday 2pm - £515
  • Saturday 5pm - £669
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - £618 to £772 depending on time booked

Approved venues in Newham

  • Monday to Friday - £417
  • Saturday - £474
  • Sunday and Bank Holiday - £525
  • These fees are variable depending on the time you want the ceremony to take place.

Your ceremony

Civil marriage and civil partnerships follow a similar format.

After the Superintendent Registrar has welcomed everyone and explained what is about to take place, the couple make their vows. Civil partnership ceremonies use words similar to those spoken during a marriage ceremony.

You must have two credible witnesses present throughout the ceremony who speak and understand English and are able to understand the nature of the ceremony. They will need to sign the marriage or civil partnership register.
A civil ceremony cannot have any religious content, but you may be able to arrange for individual touches such as non-religious music and readings to be added to the legal wording, and for the ceremony to be filmed.


Where to hold your ceremony

At Newham Register Office, we have three rooms you can choose to marry in depending on your requirements for your ceremony. You can hold your ceremony in our register office room with just your two witnesses present and you will need to give your notices to marry at Newham Register Office to have this room. 

However, this rooom is only available on a Monday morning at 9.15 am and due to the limited availability of this option it is usually fully booked for six months or so ahead. 

If, however, you would like to celebrate your ceremony with family and friends we also offer use of the Passmore Edwards Room which can accommodate up to 50 people or the Old Court Room which can accommodate up to 120 people. You will need to give your notices to marry at East Ham Town Hall to use either of these rooms for your ceremony. 
These rooms are also more readily available with ceremonies held throughout the week.  Please note that once you have given your notices to marry you are not able to swap to the other rooms so it is important that you choose the right venue option to meet your needs. This should be discussed with the Registrar at your notice appointment. 

Newham also has a range of other venues that are licensed to hold civil ceremonies. Many are large enough for receptions, so you can celebrate in one location.

Marriage for same sex couples

We are now able to offer marriage for same sex couples as well as civil partnerships.

Conversion of civil partnerships into marriage

If you and your partner are currently in a civil partnership, you can now convert your partnership into a marriage. This will allow you to have marriage certificate dated on the same date that you formed a civil partnership.
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