Give notice of intention to marry or enter into civil partnership

Give notice of intention to marry or enter into civil partnership

If you are planning to get married or form a civil partnership, you will need to give formal notice of intention to marry – this used to be called a marriage licence.  

Important changes on 1 July 2021

Some European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their partners now need to give notice at the same time. Couples subject to immigration (including EU/EEA nationals without settled/pre-settled status) must give notice at the same time. At least one partner must live in the area where notice is given.

If both partners fall into the following categories, each can give notice separately:

  • British nationals
  • Irish nationals
  • EU/EEA nationals or their partners with evidence of EU settled status/pre-settled status using a valid 'share code' obtained from GOV.UK (external link)
  • EU/EEA nationals or their partners with a Certificate of Application (CoA) to prove that they applied for EU settled status/pre-settled status on or before 30 June 2021

Book your appointment

Before booking, make sure you read and understand which documents you will need to bring to your appointment. There are strict rules on which documents can and cannot be accepted when giving Notice of Marriage/Notice of Civil Partnership.

You can book an appointment to give notice to marry or enter into civil partnership online. You should book one appointment whether it is for one person or a couple to be able to give their notices.  Any other fees payable will be taken at the appointment by credit or debit card.

There are usually two steps to getting married or forming a civil partnership:

  • Giving notice and discussing the venue and date for your marriage ceremony.

  • Having a religious ceremony or civil ceremony at least 28 days after giving notice.

Your notice of marriage appointment is when you will make the legal arrangements for your marriage to be able to take place - it is not the day that your marriage ceremony will take place.

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If you need an interpreter 

If you, or your partner do not speak English you must bring an independent interpreter when you give notice, and again when you get married. The interpreter must bring identification and sign documents to confirm they have helped you. 

Certificate of No Impediment 

If you want to get married abroad you might be asked to get certain documents from the UK government, including a Certificate of No Impediment.  

The website has more details on getting married abroad including an online tool to find out which documents you need to get and how to apply for them. 

If you wish to arrange to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment you will need to book a notice of marriage appointment.