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Cleaning services

Our housing estates have cleaning and grounds maintenance staff. Many of our high rise blocks of flats also have concierge services.

On this page you can find out what your cleaner and/or concierge does, what we will clean in the communal areas of your block and/or estate, what grounds maintenance work we do and the dos and don'ts of helping to keep your estate and/or block clean.

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Cleaning in blocks and on estates

Your cleaner is responsible for:
  • checking the communal lights
  • changing light bulbs
  • reporting lifts out of order
  • arranging for communal repairs to be done
  • removing or arranging for the removal of graffiti
  • rotating refuse bins
  • clearing or arranging for the clearance of blocked refuse chutes
  • checking for health and safety hazards
  • arranging for the removal of abandoned vehicles
  • reporting problems with grass cutting or shrub pruning.
If your cleaner finds a problem he or she can bring in our:
  • specialist graffiti removal and cleaning staff
  • chute clearing staff
  • inspectors to monitor grass cutting, horticulture and playgrounds
  • fire safety staff.
You can report problems with your cleaning service by phoning us on 020 8430 2000.
Find out more about repairs and how to report them. 

Cleaning of communal areas

The communal areas of low-rise blocks are cleaned once a week. The scheduled cleaning day is advertised in your block.
High-rise blocks with lifts and bin chutes are cleaned daily.
Your cleaner should:
  • sweep and mop lobbies, landings, staircases and clean handrails
  • clean glass panels, window sills and ledges
  • replace defective light bulbs
  • remove cobwebs and clean lights as required
  • sweep pram shed and garage areas
  • sweep and regularly remove weeds from hard surface areas outside
  • remove litter from shrub beds and grassed areas.
Graffiti should be removed within five working days of it appearing, or 24 hours if it is particularly offensive.
In high-rise blocks, cleaners should also:
  • sweep and mop the lifts
  • check if the chute bin is full and replace it with an empty one.

Rapid response to problems

We have a specialist cleaning team who can respond promptly to problems such as graffiti, blocked chutes and hazardous spills.


Helping to keep your estate clean

You must help to keep your estate and block clean. This is a rule of your tenancy or lease.
We have rules that every resident should keep to:
  • wrap all rubbish before you put it down the chute
  • use small bags for your rubbish – the size of a plastic shopping bag
  • book a bulky waste collection for large items such as sofas, mattresses or washing machines.
  • put large bags down the chute – they will block it
  • leave bags of rubbish outside your door or anywhere else in the building
  • leave bags of rubbish outside the chute room or area
  • use the refuse chutes at unreasonable hours when it will disturb your neighbours
  • dump anything in or outside the building.

Concierge service in high-rise blocks

Many of our high-rise blocks have a concierge service which operates seven days a week.  
The working hours of your concierges and any changes to their hours are advertised in your block.
The concierges look after the cleaning in your block. They also:
  • make sure the building is secure and control access to it
  • watch the CCTV to prevent and deter crime and vandalism
  • deal with emergencies and arrange for emergency repairs
  • help residents in difficulty
  • help with problems of neighbour nuisance and unauthorised occupation.
You can report problems with your concierge service by phoning us on 020 8430 2000.

Grounds maintenance on our council estates

The grounds maintenance teams are responsible for cutting the grass, trimming hedges and pruning shrubs and roses on your estate.

Grass cutting

We cut the grass usually every two weeks between March and November. We may cut it at other times if it needs it.

Hedge trimming

We usually trim hedges three times between May and September.

Shrub and rose bed maintenance

We prune shrub and rose beds once a year, usually between November and March.
You can report any grounds maintenance problems by phoning us on 020 8430 2000.
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